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Theatrescapes – Conference Programme out now!

From 19-21 June, speakers from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, New Zealand, Poland,  Portugal, UK, USA representing 10 disciplines shall discuss the intersection of media, migration and the creation of new translocal publics in the field of  theatre between 1850 and 1950. Papers shall address the following sub-topics:

  • Theatre and global media (how did performers, entrepreneurs, directors interact with global media, and how did global media foster the global dissemination of theatrical material (plays, formats, institutions, etc.)
  • Translocal publics (the emergence of theatrical public spheres in situations of cross-cultural contact)
  • The press and globalized theatrical reading publics
  • Networked stages (transnational interconnections of producers and productions, impresarios and agents)
  • New urban centres as theatrical contact zones
  • Theatre-building as a (inter)cultural act

The event is taking place at IBZ Munich.

I would like to thank the Fritz Thyssen Foundation ( for the financial support!

Theatrescapes Conference Programme 19-21 June

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