Transatlantic Cultural Exchange

Transatlantic Theatrical Traces


In the context of my research on transatlantic theatrical exchanges between 1900 and 1930 I conducted extensive research at the Shubert Archives  in New York City within the last few years (among other archives in North America and Europe) ( This beautiful archive, located underneath the roof of the Lyceum Theatre close to Times Square (45th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue), is one of the most remarkable collections for studying the business side of theatrical history. Mark Swartz, archivist thereat and editor of the Shubert Archive’s Newsletter The Passing Show encouraged me to write an article about my research based on the material I had the pleasure to study at the Archive. And so I did. The respective issue with my article “Transatlantic Theatrical Traces: Oceanic Trade Routes and Globetrotting Amusement Explorers” just came out:

I would like to cordially thank Mark Swartz, Maryann Chach and Sylvia Wang from the Shubert Archive for all their curatorial support and countless inspiring conversations on American theatre around 1900.


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