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Cfp: Working Group DH in Theatre Research, IFTR conference 2017, São Paulo, Brazil



The Annual Conference of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) in 2017 will take place at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil from 10-14 July, 2017. The theme is Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities.

Our Working Group Digital Humanities in Theatre Research will be meeting in Brazil and we invite existing and new group members to submit their proposals

At the 2017 meeting, the sessions of the DH Working Group will be divided into three sections:

  • Project/ Paper discussions
  • Methodology discussions
  • Practice discussions

We are soliciting papers that will represent the full range of experience IFTR/FIRT members have with Digital Humanities in Theatre and Performance Research. We are seeking papers and project presentations that

  • explore the theoretical implications of Digital Humanities for our research into theatre and performance
  • explicate problems relating to the pedagogy and technology of DH projects (and perhaps propose solutions to them)
  • discuss projects and case studies that provide new methodologies for theatre research
  • Working groups are not required to address the theme of an IFTR conference, but papers which enter into conversation with the theme are most welcome.

Papers and case studies examining how digital humanities projects can be used in teaching are welcome, but we are not looking for contributions that are only concerned with techniques for using technology in the classroom or distance learning courses at this time.

Papers (max. 3500 words) will be circulated prior to the meeting (ca. 4 weeks in advance). At the meeting, speakers will only briefly speak to their papers before opening up to a discussion with the group. Pre-circulated papers are due by 15 June, 2017.

Abstracts (up to 300 words) on either a proposed paper or the presentation of a data project will be accepted in English or in the language of the host country, but please remember that the group’s primary working language is English.

Abstracts are due by 31 January 2017, and notice of acceptance will be given in March/April.


To submit abstracts for papers to be presented in Working Groups for the 2017 Conference, you must upload your 300 word abstract through the link to the submission page on the Cambridge Journals Online website and specify which Working Group you are interested in applying for. If you are ready to send your abstract, please click here.

You will be taken to the Cambridge Journals Online website where you will be prompted to join IFTR or renew your membership.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress’s Abstracts Book, so pay careful attention to form and content.


IFTR offers financial aid to scholars who would like to participate in the Annual Conference. The deadline for bursary applications is 22nd December, 2016. Info on the application process can be accessed here:

We look forward to receiving your proposals and hope to see you in Brazil!

Nic & Frank at the IFTR 2016 meeting in Stockholm (here queenly at Drottingholm). photo: Sandra Pietrini

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Nic Leonhardt:

Franklin J. Hildy:

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