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Keynote «Mediating Cultural Meanders: Dance, Narration, Music», Gannat, France, 25-28 July, 2019

association des festival culturesI feel honoured for having been invited as a keynote speaker of the conference Indigenous Languages, Traditional Music and Dance within an Intercultural Performance/ Langues autochtones, musiques et danses traditionelles au sein de performances interculturelles in Gannat (Auvergne, France). The conference, organized by Vikrant Kishore (Australia) and Etienne Rougier (France) takes place along with the Festival des Cultures du Monde, which is a part of UNESCO‘s intangible cultural heritage. Gannat is famous for the festival that takes place every summer since 1974.

The conference will be the first of its time. My talk Mediating Cultural Meanders: Dance, Narration, Music” will discuss the circulation of intangible cultural phenomena using the examples of Thai choreographer Pichet Klunchun and his performance “Nijinsky Siam” as well as the figure and stories of Mullah/Hodja Nasreddin.


3 thoughts on “Keynote «Mediating Cultural Meanders: Dance, Narration, Music», Gannat, France, 25-28 July, 2019

  1. Hello Nic Leonhardt, I saw that you wrote about the historical play ‘Lady Luxury’. I was in that play. It was performed Nov 2005, for the 90th Anniversary of the AL Ringling Theater in Baraboo, WI. My character in play was Count Piniaselli. I wanted to share the video from the performance with you. I hope you enjoy it! Here it is:

    1. Dear Nathaniel, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your interest in my work. I must admit, though, that I can not remember having written about that play – maybe a short reference in a text? Where did you find it? In any case thank you very much, also for the link to the video that I enjoyed. Best, Nic

      1. Hello Nic Leonhardt, yes, I found the Lady Luxury article in the work “The Passing Show” – Newsletter of the Shubert Archive 2013/2014 Volume 30. I saw you had written an article in that work. I originally thought you had written the article, but I got confused however, the author of Lady Luxury was the director of the play, John James Hickey. I got confused, and had thought you had written the work. Apologies on that. I am aware you’re a theater historian, hope you enjoyed the play Lady Luxury. Thank you for your reply. Nathaniel

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