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“We have a double pandemic here” – a conversation with Clara de Andrade & Gustavo Guenzburger for my Theatrescapes Podcast

Theatrescapes Podcast Logo 2021

I am delighted to announce that we just launched a new episode of our Theatrescapes podcast, a podcast dedicated to Global Theatre Histories and the Globalization of Theatre. In this episode, I had the pleasure to talk with Clara de Andrade and Gustavo Guenzburger from Rio, Brazil, on their scholarly and artistic work in times of Covid. I would like to cordially thank Clara and Gustavo for the insightful and vivid talk!

Special thanks go to my dear colleague Aydin Alinejadsomeh who conjures everything around the technology. I would also like to thank the Legon Palwine Band from Accra, Ghana, for letting us use their great music for the podcast!

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