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Talk @ Symposium: “European Performing Arts Dataverse” , CREATE Amsterdam, 9-10 Nov, 2017


From 9-10 November, the CREATE research programme, University of Amsterdam, holds a workshop on “European Performing Arts Dataverse”, jointly with the Flemish Scientific Research Community “Cultures of Spectacle”.

The workshop seeks to “to assess the feasibility of creating an international framework and data model that would allow for harmonisation of different European datasets on performing arts, in order to facilitate research on transnational and cross-sectoral connections and comparisons”. My talk will be on “DH in Theatre History, and the Challenges of ‘(Trans-)Cultural Interoperability’”. 

Click here for the programme. Attendees welcomes, registration is mandatory.

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Karl-Ferdinand-Werner Fellowship am DHI Paris


Ich freue mich über und bin dankbar für die Zuweisung eines Karl Ferdinand Werner-Fellowships am Deutschen Historischen Institut (DHI) Paris für das Frühjahr 2018.

Das Fellowship steht im Kontext meiner aktuellen Forschung über Philanthropie und Kulturförderung nach 1945 im Rahmen des ERC-Projekts “Developing Theatre”.

Merci, Paris!

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Call for Papers: “Philanthropy, Development, and the Arts” (23-25 July, 2018)

Pegasus OrigamiFrom 23-25 July, 2018, our ERC funded project Developing Theatre will be hosting its first international conference with a special focus on Philanthropy, Development and the Arts: Histories and TheoriesAt the conference, we seek to interrogate the impact of philanthropy on the field of arts – visual arts, theatre, music, dance, opera, drama education, etc. –  between the 19th and 21st centuries. The conference aims at discussing the work, impact, successes and failures of private and corporate philanthropy and NGOs, including semi-statist organizations such as the Goethe Institut, or the British Council, from the perspectives of history, cultural history, political sciences, art and theatre history. The conference will take place from Monday, 23 to Wednesday, 25 July, 2018 at Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, Munich.

For more info, please see my blog entry on our GTH Blog.

If you have any inquiries regarding the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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new Publication out on “Circulation. Theatrical Mobility and its Professionalization” (Bloomsbury)

A Cultural History of TheatreEdited by Tracy C. Davis and Christopher B. Balme, this new Cultural History of Theatre series offers an insightful survey from ancient times (500 BCE) to the present. The set of six volumes covers a span of 2,500 years, tracing the complexity of the interactions between theatre and culture. Jointly with japanologist Stanca Scholz-Cionca, I contributed a chapter on “Circulation. Theatre Mobility and its Professionalization in the Nineteenth Century,” which is part of the series’ volume no. 5, “A Cultural History of Theatre in the Age of Empire (1800-1920)”, edited by Peter W. Marx.

Nic Leonhardt, Stanca Scholz-Cionca: “Circulation. Theatre Mobility and its Professionalization in the Nineteenth Century”, in: Peter W. Marx (ed.) A Cultural History of Theatre in the Age of Empire (1800-1920). London. Bloomsbury 2017.



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Indian Theatre Artists in the Cold War. ERC Workshop @ India International Centre

ERC Workshop Indian Theatre Artists and the Cold War.jpg

I love traveling to India. There is always more than one reason to go there. One very good reason to book yet another flight to New Delhi is the very first workshop of our ERC research project Developing Theatre. The workshop is taking place at the beautiful India International Centre , from 29-30 September, 2017, and gathers theatre, art and media scholars and practitioners from India and Europe. Chief organiser is my colleague Gautam Chakrabarti  who outlines the agenda of the event as follows:

“Post-independence India was one of the key sites where the “cultural Cold War” was fought–more often than not– with as much gusto and ruthlessness as its ideological and military counterparts. Theatre was one of the core areas in which this cultural conflict was played out between the 1950s and 1980s, with almost all the major players, both individual and collective or institutional, in contemporary Indian theatre having gone through the ’rite de tomorrow passage’ of ideological training. Academic exploration of these political contestations and problematisations of cultural practices, especially in the Indian context, have opened up larger horizons of possible enquiry. This workshop seeks to bring practitioners, scholars and witnesses of this fascinating history into dialogue with one another.”

The workshop is internal. Please find here the Final Programme.

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“Entrer dans l’image par le regard” – New Article Out

Etudes Theatrales L'Oeil et le TheatreEdited by Florence Baillet, this special issue of Études Théâtrales focuses on “L’œil et le théâtre. La question du regard au tournant des XIXe et XXe siècles sur les scènes européennes”. The volume was preceded by an international symposium on the same theme, organized by Florence Baillet (Sorbonne nouvelle, CEREG),  Arnaud Rykner (Sorbonne nouvelle, IRET), and Mireille Losco (ENSATT) at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, in April 2015.

My chapter “Entrer dans l’image par le regard: stéréscopie et théâtre” deals with the history of 3D images in theatre and popular culture in the 19th and 20th century.

(Nic Leonhardt: “Entrer dans l’image par le regard: stéréoscopie et théâtre”, in: L’oeil et le théâtre. Études Théâtrales, 65/ 2016, p. 41-51.)