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new book out: Theatre Across Oceans. Mediators of Transatlantic Exchange (1890-1925)

I am delighted to announce that my latest monograph, Theatre Across Oceans. Mediators of Transatlantic Exchange (1890-25) was just published with Palgrave Macmillan. The book allows the reader to enter and understand the infrastructural ‘backstage area’ of global cultural mobility during the years between 1890 and 1925. Located within the research fields of global history…… Continue reading new book out: Theatre Across Oceans. Mediators of Transatlantic Exchange (1890-1925)

Transatlantic Cultural Exchange

Bayerische Amerika-Akademie

Heute erfuhr ich, dass ich als neues Mitglied in die Bayerische Amerika-Akademie im Amerika Haus München aufgenommen wurde. Ich freue mich sehr! Mein erster Kontakt mit dem Münchner Amerika-Haus war 2012 (mein zweites Jahr in München…) als ich dort eine Tagung zum Jahrhundertgedenken des Titanic-Unglücks 1912 ausrichten durfte (Titanic 1912: Global- und medienhistorische Echolote). Mein Interesse…… Continue reading Bayerische Amerika-Akademie


Cultural Brokers: Interdisciplinary & International Symposium

This symposium, curated by Nic Leonhardt, Theatre Studies, LMU Munich, aims at providing a forum for scholars from theatre and performance studies, American studies, history of law and economy from Europe, the U.S., and Australia for reconsidering the under-researched field of the new profession of cultural/ artistic brokers between 1850-1930, their practices, impact, and nomenclature.…… Continue reading Cultural Brokers: Interdisciplinary & International Symposium

Transatlantic Cultural Exchange

Transatlantic Theatrical Traces

In the context of my research on transatlantic theatrical exchanges between 1900 and 1930 I conducted extensive research at the Shubert Archives  in New York City within the last few years (among other archives in North America and Europe) ( This beautiful archive, located underneath the roof of the Lyceum Theatre close to Times Square…… Continue reading Transatlantic Theatrical Traces