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“Global Clicks Through Theatrescapes”. Public Talk @ CREATE Salon Amsterdam




The research program CREATE of the University of Amsterdam kindly invited me to give a talk on Digital Humanities in Theatre History in the context of the program’s “CREATE Salon“, on 14 March, 2017.

My talk on Global Clicks through Theatrescapes. Digital Humanities meet Theatrical Pasts was followed by a presentation of Frans Blom, Rob van der Zalm, and Jan Vos on “Amsterdam City Theatre Repertoire and ONSTAGE, 1638-2016”, and a project presentation of “MEPAD: Mapping European Performing Arts Databases” by Julia Noordegraaf, Claartje Rasterhoff, and Vincent Baptist.

The field of Digital Humanities in Theatre and Performance Research has taken on greater significance in the past few years, which is great! There is more to come, and it seems crucial to join forces and invest in future cooperations between institutions, researchers, and theatre collections.


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“Performing the Archive” Bericht zur Tagung in Galway


Vom 22. bis 24 Juli fand an der National University of Ireland (NUI) in Galway die internationale Konferenz Performing the Archive”  statt. Initiiert wurde sie von Barry Houlihan, Ciara Conway, Charlotte McIvor, Ian Walsh (alle NUI Galway), die auch bei der Realisierung des erst kürzlich gelaunchten Abbey Theatre Digital Archive mitwirkten. Auf dem Blog des von mir geleiteten LMUexcellent-Projektes Theatrescapes habe ich einen Kurzbericht veröffentlicht.

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IFTR Conference in Hyderabad 2015. CfP Working Group ‘DH in Theatre and Performance’

Hyderabad pic DHThe Working Group Digital Humanities in Theatre and Performance of the International Federation for Theatre Research ( that I am convening jointly with Frank Hildy (University of Maryland) is soliciting papers for the upcoming conference in Hyderabad ( that will represent the full range of experience IFTR members have with Digital Humanities in Theatre and Performance Research. We are seeking papers and project presentations that

  • explore the theoretical implications of Digital Humanities for our research into theatre and performance
  • describe existing cyber projects in theatre and performance research
  • propose needed digital projects in these fields
  • explicate problems relating to the pedagogy and technology of such projects (and perhaps propose solutions to them

Call for papers: IFTR CFP 2015 Digital Humanities in Theatre Research Working Group

Deadline: 31 January, 2015