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Online Journal of Global Theatre History – Latest Issue Focuses on Brazil, Japan, and The Levant


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Brazil, Japan, Syria: The latest issue of the Journal of Global Theatre History takes its readers to different corners of the world, their theatre cultures and transnational exchanges about eras and genres. The chapters explore central facets of global theatre history and theatre in a global context: the influence of Western aesthetics and aspects of “modernization” and their local adaptation in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century; the transfer and critical negotiation of theatre and theatre education in various post-war Levant cities; and the neoliberal tendencies and interweaving of theatre aesthetics and global economy in cultural sponsorship of Brazilian theatre in the recent past.

The Journal of Global Theatre History is an open access publication edited by Nic Leonhardt and Christopher Balme, Centre for Global Theatre Histories at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

Contributors to the latest issue: Ayumi Fujioka, Ziad Adwan, Gustavo Guenzburger.



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